With Halloween just around the corner why not channel some of their sugar fuelled excitement into a creative science lesson!

Use your pumpkin as a science lesson!

Use your pumpkin as a science lesson!

Children are imagining all manner of monsters and goblins that they could be to scare the treats out of their neighbours. All you need to do is give them a little structure and you have an instant biology lesson that you can easily cater to any age group from kindergarten to Yr 6.

Have your students brainstorm monsters.

Whether real (Komodo Dragon) or imagined.

Discuss with your students what it means to be a living thing.

What do all living things do?

Have your students create their own monster. Tie it into your art lesson and have them, draw, cut, mold or paint their creatures. But be sure that their monsters are living, ie. they need to be able to describe/show you how their creature can eat, breathe, poop etc.

And don’t forget about plants, there are some scary monstrous plants out there too, not just the Venus Flytrap!

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